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Elia Vraay
Favourite genre of music: Movie/PC game soundtracks
Favourite style of art: digital paint/speedpaint/ink
Favourite cartoon character: Mewtwo, Starscream, Knockout, Optimus Prime, Richard(LFG), Malcho(Aladdin Series), Discord/Chrysalis/King Sombra(MLP:FiM), Lord Shen(Kung Fu Panda 2), Randall Boggs (Monster Inc./University)


Shatter and Dawn by Yula568
Shatter and Dawn
For now something old... and new. :)

This is a fanart for an old favourite of mine, a book called "Dragoncharm" by Graham Edwards.…

My character Dawn and the antagonist Shatter. 

Shatter is a handsome, strong dragon. Cunning and fierce... and poor thing is hopelessly mad.
His parents raised him in a cave. Raising is a wrong word, because they taught him absolutely nothing. They didn't even talked to him, just kept him in a hole. When Shatter growed up, he murdered his parents and lived alone among the mountains, until he found a dragon settlement called Southpoint. The realization that he is not the only dragon, shocked him and decided, he will kill everyone, so he can be safe and alone again. He settled in the village, and taught himself to talk and fly. The other dragons eventualy accepted him, because he kept his insanity in secret and... he was handsome. He was strong. So quickly found "fans" among both males and females. But he see them only as tools. He can't see anyone or anything more, than tool to help his survival. He eventualy reaches his goal and completely destroys the village, and doing so masterly, that noone ever suspects him for it. On the contrary, they ask him to be their leader. Exactly what Shatter wants.
The book goes on, and eventualy Shatter's true nature is brought to light, and he is killed.
That's where my character Dawn, appears. She was learning healing magic in the capital, and she finds an injured dragon. Some renegade dragons attack Dawn's group and kill everyone, until only Dawn left. Her "patient", Shatter wakes up and kill the attackers very bloody. With noone left for her, Dawn goes with Shatter and makes herself valuable for him. It's not love... Shatter can love noone... he don't know, what the word even means. At first, Dawn is only trouble for him. Then he begin to think, she is a gift from the gods. An useful gift, to make his quest easier. And then... he is suprised too, that he can't kill the female. On the contrary. He want to keep her alive and well. He is not happy with it, but Dawn is so innocent sometimes, that Shatter can't get mad at her.
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I was just surfing on the internet, when I found this:…


My fanfictions will be ruined forever, but... geez I can't wait this!!
I am crying in joy and in a bit sadness, because my dear Queen Umbra and all of her sons will be replaced by an official design most likely.
But the summary and cover arts are amazing and seeing my expectations finaly come to life, means a lot to me.

It's a shame, that in the show, we didn't see anything like this.
I would trade a thousand Starlight Glimmer for the Siege of the Crystal Empire. 

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I REALLY love the dedication you have for the MLP dark character(we both know what is that character) and you whont believe this images:
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~Peace from Russia
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