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October 4, 2013
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The Saphire Prism by Yula568 The Saphire Prism by Yula568
Hah!! G-ghost?? (Chrysalis)
Please... don't fear me! I... didn't see living for a long time... (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
Who are you? (Chrysalis)
My name is Saphire, and I am the last queen of the Crystal Empire. (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
You are the one, who was killed by Sombra a tousand years ago! (Chrysalis)
That's not the name I know him. The one you call "Sombra". I was killed by my most precious friend. My best friend. (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
The Sombra I know, don't make friends easily. (Chrysalis)
He was different back then. He came to my kingdom as a member of Starswirl, The Bearded's order. He came to study the empires magic. The Crystal Heart. But his order urged him. He had not much time to complete his research. He was young... and he wanted to prove his masters, he is strong. But... he was so gentle. So brave. I... loved him. All of my subjects loved him. But like everypony else, he wasn't perfect. he was impatient. His superiors called him back... but he wanted to stay. And... (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
And? (Chrysalis)
He made a mistake. He released a sinister power. Something evil. A secret of our empire. It consumed him. Corrupted him. Turned him against us. And... I made a mistake too. (...) I didn't kill him. I saw my friend. I knew he is not himself. I couldn't kill him. And with this decision... I doomed my subjects. My empire. Myself. (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
Now I haunt these halls. This is my last refuge. The chamber of my last treasure. (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
This... the Prism! I saw it on paintings in the castle! (Chrysalis)
I give it to you. (Ghost of Queen Saphire)
Why? (Chrysalis)
To help you. You have an opportunity. You can end my friend's curse. Please! Take my Prism! It will help you. It will show you the truth. And truth is the most powerful weapon. (Ghost of Queen Saphire)


Music -… :aww:

The Saphire Prism
"A lost treasure of the Crystal Empire. It was given to Queen Saphire by her husband and was named after her the "Saphire Prism" . The Prism can show memories of the past, in the area, where the user stands."

So. This picture is happening after the "Wedding" and the "Rebellion of the Queen". Sombra defeat Chrysalis an cast her to the depths of the castle. A forgotten labyrint, where Chrysalis meet the ghost of the last queen and find an ancient relic, which can aid her in her new quest: to save the Crystal Empire from ruin, and to free her loved colt from an ancient curse.


(I would be very thankfull, if somepony could voice-act this conversation... I feel so good, when I find treasures like that on youtube :aww:^^;)

Chrysalis (c) Hasbro
Queen Saphire and story (c) me
Music: Jade Empire - "The Waterdragon"
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EOWDT Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
uuuuh, very nice pic :3
But.... the name shouldn't go BEFORE the line? It's realy hard to understand who is talking until the end of the sentence :\
Mind drawing when the prism was used?
When chrysalis uses the artifact
Uhm... that's a bit complicated to draw ^^; I have other plans. 
okay can someoe PLEASE turn this into a full fanfic PLEASE? And if someone has already done that, where can I read it?
this need to be a fanfiction the feels X'D
Cool story!
Very amazing story ^__^
djumbreon Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

here's the link to it. ^^…

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